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Force Fed

Knowing it is my only chance to escape, I forcefully open the forbidden door.

Welcomed by a chilling breeze and quiet darkness, I charge ahead.

Raising my gaze, thousands of stars glimmer on a pitch black canvas.

I am free.

I am one with the universe.

I am no longer theirs.

I am my own.

But they have noticed and are coming after me.

They now know...that I know...what it is to be free.

In the darkness, I hope to hide.

Then hands latch onto my shoulders like talons.

I am caught.

I am dragged.

Back to the white room I go.

Strapped back into the cold metal chair.

They blend in with the white walls, these masked men.

The door closes slowly on the world I just met.

I knew it was there.

But why did they not want me to know?

A wide tube goes down.

It scrapes my taste buds and catches on the linings of my throat.

I taste my own blood as the tube hits the floor of my stomach.

A warm thick liquid flows down this visceral vessel.

It will make me forget what I have just come to know.

I was so close.


Yet another dream, taking me to a space I so desperately seek.

A place I am no longer force fed.

Somewhere free from here.

Free from me.

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