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I've been trying to get to the bottom of things lately.

I have spent quality time with the fact that we have been told a tremendous lie.

It is one I have stoked the flames of for many years, and one others have discovered and written about far before electronic times.

Caressing the borders of our every day lives, the embers of loneliness rejoice when they seep in to remind us that we are truly on our own. We remember our mortality, and we recall its inevitability. We realize that we are glued to a "one and only."


Then that thought settles. And we feel it.


Although, I am here to tell you that within this word is a clue, the key, the answer you so desperately seek.

It is a twofold secret, despite its conveniently hidden "one lie."

For it is when we feel most alone, that we are ironically in the highest level of solidarity with others.

We are all lone, yet all perpetually tied to ourselves.

To cope, we have each chosen to devour this "one lie" differently in order to mirror its vast complexity.

For some it is a welcomed guest, and to others it goes far less greeted than an ex.

Our choice, however, directs us into strict compliance of how to properly guide this visitor through each crevice of our sacred being. We thus conduct ourselves to allow a ripening or rotting of the fruit borne of our minds.

How will you treat yourself as a guest within the internal structures of you?

Will you...

Embrace you?

Fear you?

Free you?

Fortunately and unfortunately, you are never as alone as you may think or would like to be.

I'd like to see you show yourself out the door.

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1 Comment

Mar 14, 2022

"How will you treat yourself as a guest within the internal structures of you? " This is real interesting question and concept-

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