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Mope and Cope

Some mope and cope by drinking.

Some mope and cope by writing.

Some mope and cope by doing both.

Lucky for me, I fall into this highly dangerous third category of individuals whose filters come off the moment a drop of liquor enters into the stratosphere of my cranium.

And you know what sucks? You usually get in trouble for it. You usually get punished. For doing the one thing that should be appreciated as having been done.

What is that, you may wonder?

Telling the truth.

Telling the truth about how you feel, what you actually do for work, where your last paycheck really went, and those thoughts that spiral into other dimensions at odd hours of the night.

A fun game I enjoy playing when getting to know new people is asking what their last Amazon order consisted of. That's where you really get to know someone. The dirty details are always hidden in someone's Amazon history.

Trust me.

You name it, I've heard it. From condoms to pickle juice, it's amazing what people buy when they have the freedom to select from a pile of everything.

It's also intriguing to note what people purchase in times of "moping and coping."

It's even more interesting to analyze what is purchased when partaking in the ultimate trifecta of numbness.

You take a sip, write your wish, and "poof" – the mindless bliss of shuffling through forty pages of results should serve to distract you for a good while.

Speaking of which, I've only gotten to page six. So you know where I'll be if you need me.

Please don't need me.



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