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Peaceful Piece

I felt a cleansing coming over me,

Release of a forgotten roar.

Where I arrived seemed familiar,

But swimming was I no more.

Ashore was not climactic,

Nor congratulatory.

I imagined something more boastful,

As it held the piece long sought for.

My first breath became pierced,

By welcomed drops of rain.

I smiled, then laughed,

At all I gained through pain.

I turned to admire the crashing waves of sea,

Waving goodbye,

And thanking them,

For simply teaching me.

Surviving wicked storms,

And treacherous beasts,

I would do it all again,

To reach this newfound peace.

An unannounced arrival,

Acceptance, I’ve heard it called,

Only meets you face-to-face

If you allow yourself to fall.

So instead of fearing drowning,

Or a violent attack,

What if something more terrifying happens?

Such as happiness.

How about that?

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