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Using Your Doormat

I recently upgraded the most discreetly significant item in my home.

The doormat.

Appropriately enough, I purchased one that reads "Oh No, Not You Again."

However, there is a much deeper meaning to the statement I chose to so proudly display at my entryway.

Do you actively utilize your doormat? For the purpose it was designed for?

If you said yes — you're wrong.

You're only wrong because you're probably not looking at it properly.

Until now.

I spoke with a friend on the phone today, who albeit was stressed as f*** for lack of a better way to put it.

She found herself no longer the host of her own party and a victim of uninvited guests. No, not in her home — but in her mind.

A bit of advice: Make your emotions use a mental doormat.

If we are to allow our heavy emotions in without so much as a quick scuffle on our mental doormat, we can damn well expect a pretty chaotic party and a hefty carpet cleaning bill.

Going forward, assure that your uninvited guests clean up a bit before disrupting your entire day, or week, or month, or life.

Greet them, but don't allow their mess.

Please wipe feet upon entry.

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