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Waste Away

Does anyone else feel like they take out the trash every day?

Despite the "chore" factor this possesses, I am constantly astonished by how much and how quickly waste is produced. And mind you — I live alone.

As I begin my wrestle with the bin, sounds and smells take me down a recent memory lane.

The clanking of beer bottles from a late night philosophical debate.

Dead flowers that once held blood orange hues.

Donuts from a feast attended by ants.

The memories of days prior remain while their physical mementos exit.

I then ponder, if only it was this simple to remove waste from the mind.

Of course with some discipline and research on the net, we can uncover ways to do just that.

You've heard it all before though...

"Clear Your Mind"

"Declutter the Brain"

"How to Counter Negative Thinking"

We could be here all day.

What they don't tell you is that certain types of waste require varying methods of disposal. Just like in our physical world.

The tricky part is that you must choose how to properly dispose of the waste in your mind.

Some you can bag and toss in the dumpster.

Some you send down a gnarring garbage disposal.

Some, however, you have benefitted from and even share it with your plants.

And some of it, sometimes, must be burned.

Choose wisely.

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