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Why Color-less Can Be Color-full

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

As I sketch, I wonder what the drawings might look like if I were to add some color. My inner Morticia Addams speaks out, and reminds me how beautiful gray and black can be. I choose to follow this instinct, as it not only matches the ever so gloomy and rainy day, but leads to a deeper discovery…that of the permanency of adding color.

Sure, logistically, I could make a new sketch. And create the same one in every color of the rainbow. But I don’t want to. I like to imagine what could be, and pay special attention to the colors I project onto the page. They tend to tell me a lot about my mood.

Today’s mood was somber, and if I were to add a color…it would have been a deep gray with a slightly deep teal hue.

Tomorrow, I may paint the image in my head in “greener” tones, depicting a restoration to emotional homeostasis.

But for now, I keep it black and white...and admire the fact that tomorrow, I can paint it another shade.

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